Are there Any Benefits of Using Natural Beauty Products?

Are there Any Benefits of Using Natural Beauty Products?

Nothing could lure me towards skincare until I was jokingly belittled by a woman at the beauty salon my sister insistently took me to in the days leading up to an important wedding. I had to look nothing less than perfect, and this time, no excuses were working on my sister. The woman in the salon took me into her warm embrace and then started a huge lecture on how I was neglecting my skin and hair. Evidently, this worked like magic on me and kind of pushed me towards using skin care and beauty products. I dived into the world of skincare regimes and invested quite a lot of time in reading about the benefits of using natural beauty products in comparison to the synthetic ones and getting to a definite conclusion over the natural skincare vs synthetic skincare debate.

If that woman hadn’t pushed me, I wouldn’t ever have dreamt of taking care of my skin, and thus wouldn’t have read so much and gotten to know that natural skincare vs synthetic skincare is an even bigger debate than Republicans vs. Democrats (well at least in the world of skincare and beauty products)!

Why use natural skin care products you may ask? Well, here are a few reasons why natural products are better than their synthetic counterparts:

The 9 Benefits of Using Natural Beauty Products You Didn't Know About

There was a time when the synthetic skincare industry was all we had and everyone had been using chemical-laden products to fulfill their skincare needs. However, with more research and awareness regarding how the ingredients of these products are causing issues to the people using them and the environment at large, natural skincare products have also made an entry in the market. Though the debate of natural skincare vs synthetic skincare is a long, ongoing one and there are people on both sides working as strong advocates, it is always better to educate oneself about the benefits and disadvantages of using certain products in order to make an informed decision.

Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, and Jessica Alba have staunchly spoken about the benefits of using natural beauty products.

Here we have compiled a list of the top benefits of using natural beauty products to help you make the right decision:

The Benefit of Using Natural Beauty Products #1: Less of a chance of flare-ups

Various people have had adverse skin reactions to synthetic beauty products due to the presence of harsh chemicals and ingredients. In fact, more than 50 percent of these chemicals are not even fit for human application! Women that have sensitive skin will also notice certain issues while using synthetic beauty and skincare products. Nobody would want red or blotchy skin, making them look like a tomato in disguise – thus, it is better to steer clear from all such artificial products for the sake of your skin! The best thing about natural skincare products is that they don’t cause any breakouts or flare-ups, as they contain natural ingredients only.

Benefit of Using Natural Beauty Products #2: Far gentler on the skin

Natural products are free of any chemicals, fragrances or artificial colors, which is why they are perfect for everyday use! These products are gentler on your skin and will not cause any irritation or allergic reactions. The natural ingredients present in these products will produce excellent results over time, without causing any side effects in the long run. Synthetic products, on the other hand, may initially provide faster results but the damage they cause will be excessive!

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Benefit of Using Natural Beauty Products #3: More effective than synthetic skincare

Another thing in the favor of natural skincare products in the debate of natural skincare vs synthetic skincare is that they are efficient and more effective in terms of the results. Synthetic products produce instant but short-term results, whereas natural products take their time but the results they produce are long-term.

Benefit of Using Natural Beauty Products #4: Heal skin damage

External factors such as overexposure to the sun or a diet full of junk food can take a toll on your skin. These things can cause irreversible damage to your skin. Natural products have magical skin-boosting properties that can help in reversing skin damage and the effects of aging. Contrary to popular belief, these products can also help in smoothening out your fine lines and wrinkles whilst restoring your skin’s youthful appearance. Thanks to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, natural products can actually repair your skin from within!

Benefit of Using Natural Beauty Products #5: Protects the skin better

The ingredients contained in natural skincare products protect the skin from various skin infections and diseases. Noni, for instance, is a South Asian plant that has astounding antibacterial properties and provides protection against rashes and other bacterial infections. Similarly, coconut oil and shea butter provide relief against dry skin and protect it against external factors.

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Benefit of Using Natural Beauty Products #6: Does not imbalance hormones

Synthetic products commonly have ingredients that can disrupt hormonal activity contrary to natural products. Ingredients like mercury, parabens, oxybenzone, etc., can prove to be quite harmful to your internal organs once they have been absorbed through the skin. These nasty ingredients can also lead to fatal illnesses and other abnormalities.

Benefit of Using Natural Beauty Products #7: Get the vitamins you need

Natural Products are often rich in essential vitamins and minerals that can help you in getting healthy and glowing skin over time. In addition to that, they flood our bodies with various vitamins including A, B3, C, E, which help in rejuvenating the skin and protecting it against sun damage.

Benefit of Using Natural Beauty Products #8: Helps soften your skin over time

When using natural skin care products, you can finally take a sigh of relief, as they don’t contain any skin drying agents that some of the synthetic brands use in their products, causing your skin to become excessively dry and flaky. With natural products, your skin is bound to become soft, supple and radiant over time!

Benefit of Using Natural Beauty Products #9: Care for your skin in the long-run

Prepare to have fabulous skin and feel great in the long run when using natural skin care products since they have skin-boosting properties that can literally transform your skin over time! These ingredients won’t cause you any harm, in fact, these will only benefit you externally and internally as well by replenishing your body’s vitamin levels.

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Natural Skincare vs Synthetic Skincare

The benefits of using natural beauty products cannot be overstated! Natural skincare products are free from any harsh chemicals and ingredients and are far more effective than their synthetic counterparts in terms of the results. Synthetic skincare products may seem more attractive due to their false advertisements but you can get similar and even better results by religiously using natural skincare products. You are bound to experience adverse skin reactions or other side effects when using synthetic skincare products in the long run. If you are still not convinced yet, here we have compiled a list of the major components used in the making of synthetic skincare products:

The Most Popular Ingredients in Synthetic Skincare Products

  • Imidazolidinyl Urea and Diazolidinyl Urea: Both these ingredients are known to be a leading cause of contact dermatitis.
  • Methyl and Propyl and Butyl and Ethyl Paraben: These are extremely toxic substances that can lead to estrogen disruptions, cancer, and hormone-related issues. Always make sure to never use any skincare products containing these harmful ingredients.
  • Propylene Glycol: Commonly found in automatic brakes and industrial antifreeze, this substance can cause various skin and eye infections. It has also been found to trigger eczema and rashes.
  • Petrolatum: Commonly known as petroleum jelly, the use of this substance is quite common due to its cheap price in the beauty and skincare industry. You will be surprised to find out that this substance messes with your body’s natural ability to nourish itself and can aggravate the problem of dryness rather than relieving it!
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Hiding this chemical behind the veil of “made from natural coconuts”, various brands have been using it for its ability of foam-building and cleansing. This harsh ingredient has been known for causing, skin rashes, eye infections, flaky scalp, and various other skin problems.
  • Synthetic Fragrances: That bottle of synthetic skincare product might smell dreamy and luxurious, however, these very fragrances are used to hide the smell of harmful chemicals that can cause headaches, dizziness, coughing, etc.

 The Most Popular Ingredients in Natural Skincare Products

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Being an ideal dryness reliever, Hyaluronic Acid plays an active part in removing fine lines and wrinkles, and illuminates your skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion! This is a natural ingredient that is produced by the human body, but its quantity decreases substantially as we age. Therefore, to fulfill your body’s moisture cravings, you must get your hands on a skincare product that contains hyaluronic acid. One such product that I personally use and am completely smitten with is Penny & Pine’s Moisture Boost Cream and Serum. These magical potions will help you achieve flawless skin whilst helping you fight that intolerable dry spell of winter!
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol): Vitamin E (Tocopherol) is a rich antioxidant that can help your body fight against free radicals (atoms or group of atoms with an odd number of electrons that can harm the functioning of other cells). Get your daily dose of Vitamin E through Penny & Pine’s Soothing Eye Cream, which will help you get rid of those pesky eye bags whilst restoring the youthfulness of your dull and gloomy eye area!
  • Lecithin: Lecithin is an important fat that is required by our body’s cells to function properly. This essential ingredient is found in olive and sunflower oils, and Penny & Pine’s Transformation Oil has both these oils in abundance. This incredible oil will banish all your spots, leaving you with a smoother and radiant complexion.
  • Olive Squalane: This miraculous oil is found naturally within the sebum produced by humans, and it helps in lubricating and softening the skin. Penny & Pine’s Transformation Oil also contains Olive Squalane, which does not only moisturize the skin, but also protects it due to being an antioxidant ingredient.
  • Salicylic Acid: Salicylic acid is a great exfoliant that can easily penetrate the skin and it helps in treating breakouts. It is the perfect ingredient for oily and acne-prone skin! Penny & Pine’s Exfoliating Toner contains a huge amount of this wonderful ingredient and is known for its skin-boosting properties that instantly revitalize your skin!
  • Essential Fatty Acids: Essential fatty acids promote healthy skin and the regeneration of skin cells. Penny & Pine’s Transformation Oil has done wonders for my skin! This outstanding oil contains all the omega fatty acids and nutrients that our skin needs to remain in optimal condition!

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In conclusion, the benefits of using natural beauty products far outweigh the benefits of using synthetic skincare products. In fact, synthetic skincare products do more harm than good, plus the results do not last long enough as well! Therefore, it is best to stay away from all such chemical infused products. The benefits of using natural skincare products are tremendous since they heal you externally and internally as well! Switch to a more natural skincare line and witness how it changes your skincare game!

Have you had any bizarre reactions to a synthetic skincare product? What other benefits of using natural beauty products are you aware of? Let us know!

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