About Penny & Pine

Why We Started

After over 4 decades of working in the wedding industry, there was one thing that our team continually heard from brides and customers over and over again: the need for bridal skincare.

So we went on a search for wedding-specific skincare products and we were shocked to find almost nothing exists -- especially if you aren't willing to fork over hundreds of dollars for products that may or may not work for you.

Our mission: We believe in the importance of caring about what goes on your skin. We’ve ditch the chemicals, never test on animals, use natural & organic ingredients whenever possible, and only treat your skin the way we would treat our own.

Who We Are

Not only does Penny and Pine help brides prepare for the most significant day of their lives; we cater to all sorts of individuals looking for sustainable skin health solutions!

Cruelty Free

Earth Friendly

Paraben Free

Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, or someone looking for quality products, it’s always a great time to start a skincare regimen and it’s important to know exactly what you’re using on your body. We set you up with the tools to take care of yourself without compromising on ingredients, time, or value..

While our ingredients are gentle, the results are pretty badass - just like you.

Penny and Pine fits into any lifestyle. Whether you’re in the midst of planning a wedding (hello, stress-induced acne), or grinding it out at work, our products fit into YOUR routine - not the other way around.

We believe that self care should be an escape, not a chore. That’s why our line of products is easy to use and divided into three major benefit categories. Shop by solution or treat yourself to a specially curated kit that keeps your specific needs in mind.

Wherever life takes you (and your skin!), we’ve got your back.

With sustainability and self care in mind, Penny and Pine provides strong women with the products to put their best face forward and take on the world.