The Best and Craziest Skincare Tools

The Best and Craziest Skincare Tools

Wash your face. Gently pat dry. Moisturize.

Skincare used to be this simple.  But just when we were getting comfortable with facial masks, liquid exfoliators, essential oils, and serums, a new category for skin care has started to take center stage – skincare tools.  We’re talking about everything from facial brushes and jade rollers to gua sha stones and exfoliators.  

Our search for the best skincare tools yielded so many interesting finds!  There are as many skincare tools on the market as there are cosmetics (and trust us, we’ve come across some of the craziest ones on the market…). But we’ve done the hard work. We’ve sifted through hundreds of products to come up with this exclusive list of the best skincare tools this side of town!

Skincare Tools You Need to Buy Right Now

When it comes to your skin, you deserve nothing but the best. But with every single one promising stellar results, how would you know which ones work? Well, we’ve done the testing bit for you! And as a little gift, we’ve thrown in our take on the best products that work with it!

Clarisonic’s Facial Cleanser Brush

Clarisonic facial cleanser brush | The Best Skincare Tools

Price: $99

Clarisonic’s Facial Cleanser Brush is the bomb when it comes to skincare tools!  Aptly named Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing System, it’s the ultimate skincare tool for the lazy girl. At just $99, you get the equivalent of a complete spa service in as little as a minute.  It claims to gently cleanse skin six times better (and faster) than hands alone. It also promises minimized pores and smoother skin! 

Did it deliver? YES, IT DID.  We tried this product once a day for two weeks, and the difference was noticeable.  We paired this cleanser brush with Penny and Pine’s Detox Brightening Cleanser. And boy, did we like the results! 

Compared to other cleanser brushes, this one by Clarisonic is simple to operate – one mode, one button, one minute.  Its brush (replaceable) is gentle enough for all skin types. The entire device is waterproof, too!

PMD’s Microderm PRO

PMD Microderm PRO | The Best Skincare Tools

Price: $199

At $199, this skin care tool doesn’t come cheap… But hear us out!  You’ll love this as much as we do! 

You know how microdermabrasion treatments can cost an arm and a leg, right? Well, this nifty little device is an answered prayer! Just like your aesthetician’s treatment, it does the same job – exfoliate dead, dull skin for that nice glow.  But this time, you can do it anywhere at a fraction of the cost. 

It features smooth glide caps, dual speed settings, and a full range of exfoliation discs. We worried about going overboard. But the PMD Microderm PRO has a calibrated vacuum suction and speed options for safety. 

We did notice that our pores appeared smaller and that our skin tone was more even. It also managed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (especially on the forehead and mouth area). 

Clarisonic’s 3-in-1 Connected Beauty Device

Clarisonic 3 in 1 connected beauty device | The Best Skincare Tools

Price: $199

If you prefer custom skin care routines, then this skincare tool may very well be your go-to spa treatment of the year! It’s a steal at $199 because it comes with its own app that allows you to use and upload customized skin care routines.  It effectively exfoliates and reduces under-eye puffiness too. 

We tried this for three weeks and we got what we expected – less visible pores and smoother skin.  We think this is the next best thing to make up removers.  It removes long-wear makeup 89% better than wipes and comes with different applicators for flawless makeup blending. 

What we love best?  The Mia Smart automatically detects your chosen attachments to run the appropriate firming massage, cleansing, or makeup removal options.  Talk about chill! We really recommend this!

Michael Todd’s Dermaplaning & Exfoliation System

Michael todd dermaplaning and exfoliation system | The Best Skincare Tools

Price: $99

This no-nonsense, skincare tool from Michael Todd beauty is an award-winning device for its 2-in-1 exfoliation and hair removal features.  It’s a spa-level system that safely exfoliates dead skin, debris, and dirt. It features 3 speeds and is suitable for all skin tones and all skin types.

What we love best? Its versatility. Expect smoother skin for flawless makeup application.  We also noticed that hair grows back a little less thick and course.

On the go? This device charges wirelessly and can provide up to 3 hours of running time.

Is it pain-free? Absolutely!

Daily Concept’s Jade Facial Roller

daily concept jade facial roller | The Best Skincare Tools

Price: $16

Ok. We must admit that we had our doubts with this pastry-tool-looking facial roller.  But hear us out.

This skincare tool works!

Daily Concept’s  Jade Facial Roller is a relaxing gadget, you may want to put this in your purse for a quick hiatus.  We aren’t kidding!  This thing boosts circulation and helps reduce swelling.  And yes, we did notice that after use, skincare products seem to absorb much better.

The large roller is great for the neck, cheeks, and forehead.  The smaller one is best for the temples and eye area.  Blast those under eye circles for good with this device and Penny & Pine’s restorative eye cream. The relaxation this jade roller provides plus this eye cream’s restorative botanical extracts make for a powerful tandem. 

A pro tip from their website recommends popping this jade roller into the freezer. And boy, were we hooked! The cooling treatment helped reduce puffiness around the eyes.  And we loved how relaxed it made us feel.  (Someone invent one for our whole bodies, please)!

PMD’s Only Clean

PMD Only Clean | The Best Skincare Tools

Price: $99

This skincare tool retails for $99 and features SonicGlow Technology (7,000 vibrations per minute). It deeply removes impurities by breaking down oil and dirt within the pores. 

We love how easy this is to clean and maintain. Its made of ultra-hygienic silicone, odor-resistant, waterproof, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial.  The hassle-free brush doesn’t need replacing. 

It comes with four customizable modes and provides a full spectrum of cleansing options as well.  We couldn’t get enough of the anti-aging facial massage.  The SonicGlow technology allows maximum absorption of serums and moisturizers.

Foreo’s LUNA Mini 2

Foreo LUNA Mini 2 | The Best Skincare Tool

Price: $135

It's odd and it's cute.  Foreo’s LUNA Mini 2, looks like a pretty bottle of perfume. At $135, it offers 8 adjustable modes for thorough facial cleansing.  The 3-zone facial brush is 50% larger and made with extra-long, touch-points for a complete spa-like experience.  No time? No excuse! All you need is a minute a day!

The technology behind this is a 2X T-Sonic Power system – an 8,000npulse per minute cycle that features 8 intensities for customizable cleansing.  Unlike its predecessor, it now has a bigger brush head for efficiency.  Longer touch points cleanse hard-to-reach areas.

Swedish Design. 100% waterproof. 300 uses per full charge. Nuff’ said.

Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Acne Mask

Neutrogena light therapy acne mask | The Best Skincare Tools

Price: $29.99

At just $29.99, Neutrogena’s light therapy mask is the ultimate dermatologist-like treatment.  Blue light targets only acne-causing bacteria.  The red light, on the other hand, reduces acne inflammation. Who would’ve thought that light technology could do all these?  It’s a one-step treatment that covers the face. 

How to use? After your cleansing routine, put the mask on.  And allow the therapeutic properties of light to work its magic for 10 minutes. It automatically shuts off. Safe for everyday use. 100% chemical-free and UV-free!

Ulta’s Blackhead Extractor

Ulta blackhead extractor | The Best Skincare Tools

Price: $10

Blackheads are addicting!  But instead of using your fingernails (and yes, we know you do), invest in this $10 Ulta Blackhead Extractor. It’s incredibly easy to use because the fine point tip is designed for precise control. 

But don’t rely on manual extraction alone.  Get rid of blackheads by nipping the source – debris and dirt.  Clearing the blackhead doesn’t solve the problem entirely. Use an exfoliating toner. Exfoliating toners get rid of grime and dead skin cells.  If your skin is especially oily or blemish-prone, regular use of Ulta’s blackhead extractor, and proper application of an exfoliating toner several times a week will keep those pesky blackheads at bay. 

Clarisonic’s Sonic Awakening Eye Massager

Clarisonic sonic awakening eye massages | The Best Skincare Tools

Price: $59

The eye area is the easiest to neglect and yet it’s what gives us away when we’re exhausted or stressed. Get rid of tired-looking eyes with Clarisonic’s Awakening Eye Massager.  The technology behind this little gadget reduces the appearance of puffiness, crow’s feet, and wrinkles. The 18,000 cold massages per application reduce skin temperature by as much as - 6°F, resulting in a more open and awake “look”. 

What we love best about this eye massager? This skin care tool is compatible with other Clarisonic’s bluetooth-enabled smart devices.   

Pair with a restorative eye cream to diminish the appearance of dark circles caused by sleep deprivation, sun-exposure, and even allergies!

E.L.F.’s Pore Refining Brush Mask Tool

E.L.F. pore refining brush mask tool | The Best Skincare Tools

Price: $5

This skincare tool looks like your ordinary blush brush.

Don’t be fooled.  This skincare tool multitasks!

It includes a spatula made of silicone that allows for application of your chosen skin care products without the mess.  Why did we include this in our list? 

It’s a reasonably-priced tool with a pore cleansing brush that effectively and yet gently removes grease and dirt from pores. You don’t need to worry about transferring oil and bacteria from the hands to your face. The spatula can be used to apply foundation while the brush allows excellent blending for that flawless finish!

We’ve used this brush for applying our favorite overnight plant cell mask and we love how easy the product went on smoothly.


Whew! We had fun trying out all these skincare tools!  Is there a skincare tool that has worked wonders for you?  Do let us in on your find!  We’d all love to hear from you. 


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