Get Dry Hands in Winter? Same, Girl.

Get Dry Hands in Winter? Same, Girl.

Every winter it is the same story, and it seems like my hands are ceaselessly trying to act up as the temperature drops. The more you try to keep things under control, the more you will see those ridiculous cracks appearing on your hands, like some horror movie in action! Oftentimes it feels like we will never get to see soft, smooth, and blister-free hands until winter is over. To prevent things from getting worse, it is essential and almost mandatory to practice some good moisturizing tips and tricks before winter arrives so as to prepare your skin in advance. Using good skincare products and establishing a sound routine can help ward off dryness in winter.

Nobody Loves Cracked, Dry Hands in Winter

Dry hands in winter is a common phenomena, nonetheless, they are an absolute pain to deal with! We often tend to neglect taking care of our hands, putting all the essential skincare items on our face instead and this negligence leads to things getting out of hand (pun intended!). Nevertheless, there are some incredible tips and tricks that will help you avoid dry hands in winter and get rid of those gruesome cracks!

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The Best Products to Use to Avoid Dry Hands in Winter

Having extremely dry and cracked hands is truly an awful situation to be in, and to relieve that pain, most people opt for lotions and creams. Though this may seem like an obvious choice, the worst thing about this is that most of these products don’t even work at all! All your hard-earned money goes down the drain as you hunt for that “perfect” product that will finally bring you some relief. Therefore, it is extremely crucial that you make sound judgment in choosing the right products that will actually alleviate your problem, instead of making it worse! To make things easier for you, here we have compiled some of our top picks that can help you effectively combat dryness and achieve baby-soft skin in no time!

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

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This miracle cream works like a charm for individuals that suffer from the driest of skin conditions, such as eczema. You can have the hands of a lumberjack and it will make them as soft as that of a baby. Its main ingredients water, glycerin, and paraffin are best for hydrating your skin and creating a protective layer to retain moisture.

Anything with Hyaluronic Acid in it

Searching for an instant remedy that is not gloppy or greasy and yet softens your hands like a dream? Creams and lotions that contain hyaluronic acid are perfect for the winter season, as they prevent the loss of moisture from your skin. With regular application, your skin becomes soft, supple and smooth as a baby’s bum! My personal favorites are Penny and Pine’s moisture boost cream, moisture boost serum and day moisture cream, as all these products contain an ample amount of hyaluronic acid and provide intense hydration. I can barely survive winter without these babies!

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Products with High Oil Content

Cracked hands and blistered skin call for an immediate rescue plan – lubrication with potent oils! Oils can do wonders for your dry, cracked skin, as these can provide immediate relief. However, not all oils will deliver the results you’re seeking – some of these could actually make the problem worse! I’m in love with Penny and Pine’s miraculous transformation oil that works like a charm! It contains a huge amount of omega fatty acids, proteins and other potent ingredients that provide immense hydration. Massage this oil softly into your skin, and you will immediately feel the difference! This oil is the perfect remedy for dry hands in winter!

Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand

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For chapped and dry hands in winter, Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand is the perfect remedy! This cream repels water and is super hydrating! It is said to have worked wonders in even the harshest of conditions due to the high concentration of glycerin. The best thing is that it has no scent, so it is perfect for people allergic to fragrances.

NaturaBrasil Castanha Body Butter

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Kiss your dry hands goodbye this winter with this gentle and non-sticky body butter that lasts for up to 24 hours! This magical product is made from olive oil and Castanha (a Brazilian nut) that deeply nourishes your skin and keeps your hands safe from the dry winter spells!

Supergoop Forever Young Hand Cream

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Devoted to relieving its users from dry hands in winter, this amazing product will not only protect your skin against dryness, but will also fight against the harmful effects of the UV rays. It is a hand cream that contains SPF, what else could you possibly ask for?

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

L'Occitane shea butter hand cream | Get Dry Hands in the Winter? Same, Girl

The best and the most exciting thing about this product is that it contains a variety of natural nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, honey, and almond oil that will leave your hands satin smooth with a sweet fragrance. This light and non-greasy cream is perfect for parched, dry hands in winter!

The Best Methods to Use to Avoid Dry Hands in the Winter

As the winter season arrives, the temperatures tend to drop and so do the humidity levels. This causes the skin to lose excess moisture, which explains why our hands become so dry, itchy and flaky. In order to avoid getting dry hands in winter, you need to be mindful and take certain precautions!

Method #1: Wash your hands as little as possible, and do not use hot water

You might think it is crazy to ask anyone not to wash hands as often or with hot water during winter, but this one very effective tip comes straight from a dermatologist. By excessive washing of hands or using hot water, you are taking away the essential oils from the skin, leading to dry hands in winter.

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Method #2: Avoid hand sanitizers

Avoid hand sanitizers as they often contain alcohol and can lead towards cracked and dry hands in winter. If you really need to use one, go for hand sanitizers that do not contain alcohol, which will make sure your skin does not get stripped off its natural oils that help in retaining moisture.

Method #3: Wear rubber gloves when washing dishes

Harsh soaps and detergents can wreak havoc on your skin, as they strip of all the natural oils, leaving you with dry hands in winter! Protect your skin against these harsh products by wearing rubber gloves when doing the dishes.

Method #4: Moisturize your hands with hand creams throughout the day

You need to moisturize your hands as often as you can in order to boost hydration and combat dryness. This will ensure that the natural oils present on your skin stay intact and shield your skin from getting excessively dry.

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Method #5: Apply an oil-rich mixture and gloves overnight

If your hands are prone to getting extremely dry during the winters, another effective remedy is to apply an oil-rich mixture or a rich hand cream and wear gloves overnight. This age-old remedy will provide immediate protection against dryness and restore your skin’s soft and supple feel.

Method #6: Exfoliate regularly with a coconut oil and sugar mixture

As important as it is to exfoliate during the summers, you can’t skip this step during the winters as well! The best and the easiest exfoliating mixture that can be prepared using natural ingredients from your kitchen is that of coconut oil and sugar. Massage it gently onto your hands in circular motions to remove dead skin cells and then rinse off using warm water.

Method #7: Use gentle, natural hand soaps in your home

Artificial fragrances and synthetic ingredients can make the problem of dry hands in winter worse! Make sure to use natural products and hand soaps, as they do not contain a ton of chemicals and are much more gentle on your skin. Keep an eye out for natural soaps that contain natural humectants like vitamin E, Aloe Vera, goat’s milk, olive or almond oil, etc.

Method #8: Use hand masks weekly

Hand masks are a great way to alleviate the dryness and get instant results! Your hands need as much pampering as your face, especially during the winters, so make sure to indulge in weekly hand mask therapies to restore the moisture levels and prevent dry hands in winter. These masks should preferably be applied at nighttime when you are done with all your chores.

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Method #9: Although this isn’t a tip for your dry skin, take biotin vitamins to keep your nails from getting weak from the dry weather

For healthy nails that will sustain their growth and not break in the process, use Biotin vitamins, especially during the dry winter season! These potent vitamins will strengthen your nails and prevent them from chipping.

Method #10: Keep a humidifier running in your home to give the air the extra water it’s lacking

Get a humidifier for your home to increase the moisture levels in the air. When the moisture content in the air is low, it steals away moisture from your skin, leaving you with flaky and dry hands in winter. Some humidifiers will also clean the air and emit safe moisture back into the air – your body is definitely going to thank you for this!

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Put these tips and tricks to test and feel the bliss of soft and smooth hands during winter! What remedies do you use to get rid of dry, cracked hands during the harsh winter season?


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