Here’s How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Here’s How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

For days when I don’t want to look super glam or just want to keep my look minimal and impress everyone with that soft and dewy skin, I go for the no-makeup makeup look! I think by wearing the no-makeup makeup look, I can tell the world confidently that I can rock the natural look with style and still look absolutely stunning! Some days, I just don’t feel the need to plaster a lot of excessive stuff on my skin or look like a drag queen, and therefore, this is how this look came into play!

Since our two princesses, Meghan and Kate, have put the seal of acceptance on this look, it has grown even more in popularity and is taking the world by storm! It is an easy look to pull off if you have gotten the basics right! I learned it the hard way that you need to invest in a sound skincare routine for healthy skin to actually perfect this look along with the essential makeup products that can help you do optimum justice to this no-makeup makeup look!

Wanna Look Like a Natural Goddess? Queue the No-Makeup Makeup Look

The no-makeup makeup look is this perfect version of “I woke up with this angelic-looking skin and features, and I look this beautiful all the time with almost no makeup on." It’s a simple and easy makeup look with a gentle flush and a dewy finish that every girl would kill for! However, the truth is you need to work on your skin to actually carry this look with minimal makeup!

The Best Morning Skincare Routine for the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Whilst educating myself about skin care routines and the best skincare products to use, I discovered the fact that in order to get flawless skin, your daytime and nighttime skincare routines should not be the same. Your daytime skincare routine should incorporate products that will help you set a good base for your makeup while your night time skincare routine should include products that will rejuvenate and replenish your skin overnight. It is crucial that you should exercise a beneficial and suitable morning skincare routine so you wouldn’t have to fake or spend too much on makeup to carry out this popular no-makeup makeup look. Here are some expert-level tips for a great morning skincare routine:

Step #1: Cleanse at least once

A great cleanser will help in removing any previous night’s makeup, dirt or grime, or any other irritants that may cause skin problems. Use this detox brightening cleanser that will hydrate and soothe your skin and will help you in achieving blemish-free skin. The best way is to apply it using a gentle circular motion and then wash it off thoroughly with water.

Penny & Pine detox brightening cleanser | How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Step #2: Tone

This exfoliating toner will act as a multitasking agent in removing dead skin cells and opening clogged pores whilst also fighting against any major breakouts or skin inflammations. Soak a cotton ball or gauze pad with this amazing toner and gently rub over your skin to keep it protected through out the day!

Penny & Pine exfoliating toner | How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Step #3: Serum

Lock in moisture with this amazing serum that will quickly become your favorite due its magical skin-boosting properties! For a youthful and radiant complexion, gently massage the serum into your skin using your fingertips until fully absorbed.

Penny & Pine moisture boost serum | How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Step #4: Moisturize

Next, hydrate and nourish your skin using a potent moisturizer. A day moisture cream with SPF will not only help in keeping your skin radiant, but will also protect it against the harmful UV rays. Boost the texture of your skin and even out your skin tone by applying this cream on a daily basis!

Penny & Pine Day Moisture Cream | How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Step #5: Prime

Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, this primer will work wonders for you! You need a good primer to prep your skin for a smooth and flawless makeup application. In the morning, gently apply the primer over your skin to blur out any imperfections.

Penny & Pine t-zone mattifier | How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

How to Do the No-Makeup Makeup Look

You might have been afraid to try this look, but fear not because I will present you a complete step-by-step guide that will help you accomplish this look with ease! There are numerous makeup products and tools available in the market that can help you pull off this look with perfection! Plus, this does not take a long time to complete! So, here are the steps for a quick no-makeup makeup look:

Step #1: Apply light coverage liquid foundation/CC cream/BB cream

  • You might be tempted to try otherwise, but follow the advice of the experts when they say use a light coverage foundation. Wax and oil based foundations, or CC and BB creams will work to enhance your natural skin tone whilst giving you that dewy finish! The main aim of the no-makeup makeup look is to confidently show your au naturel beauty, so don’t go overboard in hiding any freckles or imperfections. Instead, go for a foundation that feels comfortable on your skin and will keep you company for as long as possible.
  • Take a little quantity of the foundation on the back of your hand and then use a buffing foundation brush to gently dab the foundation all over your face in an outward motion. Next, use a damp sponge to gently dab the foundation and blend it evenly on your entire face.
  • Don’t try to rush this process or smudge or swipe the foundation because this way you will be removing it from the skin instead of locking it in.

makeup | How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Step #2: Use a lightweight liquid or cream concealer to cover blemishes and dark under eye circles

  • Use a lightweight liquid or cream concealer to cover any under eye horrors caused by late-night shifts or sleepless nights. Use a peach- or orange-toned concealer in case you have an intense dark circle problem. 
  • You don’t want your under eye concealer to act up and settle into the fine lines, so use a liquid consistency concealer that isn’t too dense or thick in a lighter shade than your actual skin color.
  • To conceal any spots and blemishes, you will have to use a concealer that is thick and will stay put and is exactly the shade of your actual skin color.
  • Apply the under eye concealer with your ring finger, as this area is sensitive and your body temperature will melt the product so it blends perfectly.
  • You can use a small pointed brush, a buffing foundation brush, or a mini beauty sponge to apply the concealer on the spots and blemishes and blend them well. Don’t put an excessive quantity of the concealer on your face, as you want to keep it as close to natural as possible.
  • Lastly, apply some loose setting powder to make sure your concealer stays in place, especially if you have an oily skin tone. Skip the powder in case you have dry patches on your skin, as the powder can accentuate those areas of your skin.

makeup | How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Step #3: Apply Cream Bronzer

  • For some natural warmth and an effortless goddess look, you want to use a cream bronzer as it appears to be quite natural and sets comfortably into the skin. It is also easier to apply for novices.
  • Now use either your fingers or a beauty sponge to apply the bronzer onto your skin.
  • Bronzer is there to give you that faux sun-kissed look, so it has to be applied along the hairline, underneath the cheekbones, and along the jawline.
  • The key is to gently blend the bronzer and not overdo it. Keeping it minimal will actually enhance the difference between your natural skin tone and the bronzing effect.
  • Go for warm golden tones for that perfect sun-kissed look!

Step #4: Apply Cream Illuminating Highlighter

  • For an enviously lustrous and glowing complexion, a cream illuminating highlighter is your best bet!
  • In order to get that perfect, ethereal glow, you need to keep your natural skin tone in mind when choosing a highlighter, so go for gold and bronze shades for warmer skin complexions and soft pinks for lighter skin tones.
  • Use a cream stick highlighter that doesn’t have a prominent color for a dewy finish.
  • Apply the product directly to your face and then softly blend it with the help of your fingers.
  • For best results, apply the product on top of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and on your temples.

Step #5: Apply Cream Blush

  • Dewy and blushed skin is very in these days, and applying a cream blush will help in tying the whole no-makeup makeup look together!
  • Use your fingers to dab the right quantity of cream blush to your face and gently blend it for a flushed appearance. Apply the cream blush before going for the final touches with a loose setting powder.
  • Smile widely to locate the apples of your cheekbones and start applying the blush gently from the cheekbones in a backward motion and towards the hairline.
  • Don’t forget to lightly sweep your temples and the bridge of your nose for a naturally flushed look.

blush | How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Step #6: Apply Brow Gel

  • Unruly and natural-looking brows are highly encouraged with this makeup look so you can finally relax and stop with those painful procedures to groom your eyebrows.
  • Wipe your eyebrows to wipe out any hint of makeup.
  • Comb your eyebrows into place and apply a transparent brow gel for a clean and natural look.

Step #7: Apply Light Mascara

  • You can skip this step if you want to but in case you love to highlight your eyes, you have our approval!
  • Don’t overdo the mascara and stay away from giving your lashes extra volume.
  • Instead go for a natural look by using a brown shade of mascara.
  • Curl your lashes to get that pretty doe-eyed look!

girl applying mascara | How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

Step #8: Apply Tinted Chap Stick or a Natural-Looking Lip Tint

  • Rosy lips will help in perfectly tying this look together! Remember, in order to keep things natural, the lips should blend in with the look instead of standing out.
  • Go for a simple rosy-tinted lip balm or a lip tint that won’t take away from the no-makeup makeup look and would further enhance it instead!

girl smiling with her eyes closed | How to Pull Off the No-Makeup Makeup Look

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Now that you have these amazing tips and tricks to carry out the no-makeup makeup look perfectly, you can experiment with different products and tweak the look a bit to find the one that suits you best! What other tips and tricks do you use to master the no-makeup makeup look? Share with us in the comments below!

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