How to Find Your Face Shape

How to Find Your Face Shape

One of the biggest fashion faux pas is when someone wears something that is totally inappropriate or ill-suited to their body shape or figure. This goes for the face, too. A million times or so, you might have observed your face in the mirror. Sometimes you may have been actually looking for something and other times it may just have been a reflexive action. But how many of us can actually say we know the shape of our face or have given it enough consideration? It is important to find your face shape because it can actually pay off by giving you assistance in choosing the perfect flattering look that will bring your best features into the spotlight!

When your favorite makeup artist or hairdresser is deep in thought about what look would suit you according to your face shape, they are just not putting on airs and it actually means something. Not every latest celebrity hairstyle will suit you and neither can you pull off just any makeup look without giving consideration to your face shape and features - don’t even try!

You ask: how to find your face shape? It might seem a bit complicated but once you understand how to go about it, it is not as complex. We have compiled an easy guide that will help you find your face shape and will give you an edge so that next time you know well in advance what look you want to go for.

The Easiest Ways to Find Your Face Shape

Faces come in all shapes and sizes and each of us has a distinctive one with its own perks. The good news is, you might not even need contouring or typical bangs with your specific face shape and therefore it is important to identify the shape of your face before going for a certain style or look. In case you are wondering, there are many ways to find your face shape. Out of the various effective and fun ways to find your face shape, choose what you are most comfortable with.

half of two girl's faces | How to Find Your Face Shape

The Best Ways to Find Your Face Shape

Let’s get to work and find out your face shape. Here is how to find your face shape:

3-Step Way to Find Your Face Shape

  1. Look at the three main areas of your face: forehead, cheeks, and jawline. The length or the size of each of these can define what specific type of face shape you might have. If you have a face cut whereby you have a broader forehead that tapers down at the chin, your face shape would be considered oval. Similarly, in case your cheeks are the widest part of your face, it can be said that you have a round face. Lastly, if the third section of your face, i.e., your jawline is the widest, it can be said that you have either of these three face cuts namely square, triangle or heart-shaped face.
  2. Assess the shape of the jaw. A person with a round or circular face cut tends to have a rounder jawline. However, in case you feel that the length of your face is greater than the width, it indicates that you have an oval-shaped face. If you have a symmetrical strong jawline, you most probably have a square or rectangle shaped face. However, if your jawline is angular and juts out at an angle, you must have a heart-shaped face.
  3. Analyze the length of your face. In case you have a short face, it is most likely round and if the length of your face is greater, then you have either an oval shaped face or any of the variations that include square shaped or heart shaped.

Use Measurements to Find Your Face Shape

Since comprehending the exact shape of your face can be quite tricky, we would like you to finally get scientific in your approach and proceed with a measuring tape or a ruler. Get the most important measurements to find your face shape.

someone holding measuring tape | How to Find Your Face Shape

  1. Measure your forehead from one temple to the next. Record this measurement 
  2. Measure your cheeks from the widest point. Record this measurement
  3. Measure your jawline from the widest points. Record this measurement. 

Now that you have these measurements, save them for later! We will tell you what to do with them soon! 

Use a Mirror to Find Your Face Shape

girl looking in mirror | How to Find Your Face Shape

If you are getting tired of all these various steps and are still not sure or unclear about your face shape, we are pulling the rabbit out of the hat now. The easiest and the most convenient trick is to observe your face carefully in the mirror. You can even use a lipstick or a marker to trace or roughly sketch the outline of your face in the mirror and later when you move away, you can let that image guide you to find your face shape.

The Different Face Shapes

Now that you have your measurements and/or sketched outlines of your face shape, let's talk about the various types of face shapes that you can have. Use these descriptions to see which face shape most fits yours! 

  • Round Shaped Face: The round shape face is undoubtedly the easiest to catch since the length and the width of the face are same and you have a rounded chin and forehead. People with a round face feel that their cheeks are heavy, giving them a fuller look. However, the round shaped face has an innocent touch to it, and generally, people with this face cut also have soft features.

round face shape | How to Find Your Face Shape

  • Oval Shaped Face: If your face has a greater length and the width from ear to ear is comparatively less, than it is possible you have an oval face. With an oval-shaped face, the forehead is the broadest part of the face and you will have a round chin.

oval face shape | How to Find Your Face Shape

  • Square/Rectangle Shaped Face: Both these types of faces have more or less the same dimensions with the exception of the face length. In both cases, you have a strong jawline and a wide forehead, which gives your face a square or rectangular shape. If you have a square face, the length and width of your face will be similar but with a rectangular face, the length is greater than the width.

square face shape | How to Find Your Face Shape

  • Diamond/Heart Shaped Face: If you have observed that you have a pointed chin and high cheekbones, then rest assured, you have a diamond or a heart-shaped face. How to distinguish between the two when they are so similar? Your forehead will decide which shape you have. Heart shaped people have a broader forehead compared to the diamond-shaped ones.

heart face shape | How to Find Your Face Shape

What To Do With this Information…

Now that you have expertly analyzed the various proportions and cuts of your face and reached a conclusion with the help of this guide, there are endless opportunities waiting for you.

Getting to know your face shape can make you more confident about what looks would flatter you, allowing you to bring your best features in to the spotlight!

Hair Styles

In terms of hairstyles, for round face shapes, pixie cuts are the best and most flattering options. Layered bobs will give you an elongated look in case you prefer more length.

Similarly, for square and rectangular-shaped faces, it is best if you part your hair on the side instead of the middle of the forehead for a chic look. The length, cut and preferable volume of the hair will also depend upon your face structure because in some cases a sharp bob would look pretty and in other cases, it will just make your face seem chubby.

Similarly, for some people layered cut is the best option while for others a simple long cut would do the job.


When you are going to book a makeup artist for your wedding or for any other occasion or even when you are doing your own makeup yourself, carefully view how various celebrities with the same face cut go about their makeup.

For an oval-shaped face, blush should be applied to the side of the cheeks instead of the apples.

However, with a round-shaped face, you want to apply blush on the apple of the cheeks in an upward motion for a slimming effect.

For people with an oval-shaped face structure, contouring should be done on the forehead and along the lower side of the cheeks, while people with a round face should focus on the cheekbones and jawline to create a shadow for an elongated look.

If you have a strong jawline, you will need to go for contouring that will give you a rounded or curved look.


Now that you are able to solve the conundrum of how to find your face shape, you are more educated on how to choose the appropriate styles to give you a more polished and sophisticated look.

What face shape do you have and what makeup look or hairstyle do you use to compliment your best features?

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