How to Pick the Perfect Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

How to Pick the Perfect Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

A tried and tested wedding makeup artist is a gem!

If you’ve got one on your wedding glam team, you could expect flattering photos of you from the ceremony to the after-party. Perhaps you’re a makeup maven. Most brides choose to DIY their makeup on the big day. But whether you’re a noobie or simply want to relax on that day, choosing the perfect makeup artist should be one of the tall orders for your wedding.

Need help scouting for THE one?

Here are the most important questions to ask your makeup artist...

Question #1: Are you free on [insert your wedding date]?

This may be the most obvious question you should ask. But in addition to asking about their availability, ask if they are booked on that day for another event. Some makeup artists squeeze in two to three appointments. Do take your venue and schedule into consideration as delays can add to the stress!

Question #2: What are your bridal makeup rates?

You don’t need to spend a fortune to look flawless. There will always be a wedding makeup artist to suit your budget. Experience, training, equipment, and brands used will always dictate rates. If you tend to break out, ask if they could use hypoallergenic brands. If so, how much would they charge? From the get-go, be honest with your budget and expectations.

Question #3: What are your bridesmaid makeup rates? Mother of the bride makeup rates?

Having the girls in one place prior to your big day makes for great memories! But this would also mean that they’d need to get glammed up at the same time. Ask for your make up artist’s bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride rates (and make it clear who shoulders the cost).

Question #4: What does your price include?

As with any product or service, your prospective wedding makeup artist may have cool add-ons as part of her service. Does the service come with a hair stylist at a discount? Does her price include a person free for a minimum?

Question #5: Are you willing to travel to [location you'll be gettin ready at]?

As with the first question, some makeup artists take one client a day. While others book several appointments. Clarify if your prospective wedding makeup artist is willing to go to your location. If so, do they charge extra for out of town events?

Question #6: How much are your makeup trials?

A makeup trial is a MUST! Makeup artists are like clothing styles. What looks gorgeous on your BFF may not be as flattering for you. So invest on that makeup trial. Take it for a spin by simulating the conditions of your event. Will it be breeze or toasty? Check if your make up holds. Take photos throughout the day. Any skin reaction? The trial is a good gauge for your wedding look.

Question #7: Can I see your portfolio?

Your prospective wedding makeup artist’s work tells so much about her caliber and style. A serious makeup artist will always have an album on hand.

Question #8: Do I supply my own products or are you responsible for supplying them?

While most makeup artists prefer to use their own tools and cosmetics, some will be more than happy to use your personal collection. Just be clear about pricing and rates as the charge may be the same regardless of whose makeup you use.

Question #9: [If the artist is supplying their own products] What kind of cosmetic products do you use? 

Some skin types don’t take well to even the world’s most famous makeup brands. Know your skin type. Is your skin sensitive? Check for allergies and sensitive reactions. A simple trip to the mall’s makeup counters can solve most issues. Sampling foundation, eye makeup, as well as blush can spell a huge difference.

Question #10: What do you do to ensure that my makeup will look great in pictures and last all day?

For an additional fee, some makeup artists will stay for the duration of your ceremony and reception. Yet other wedding makeup artists are confident that the products and techniques used can guarantee longer hold. Want to seal the deal on this one? Go for that trial makeup. And find the right face primer if your skin tends to get oily.

Question #11: What kind of bridal makeup style do you recommend for me?

The most flattering bridal make up style for you will depend on your skin tone and facial structure. Know which style flatters your features best.

Question #12: What does your standard contract include?

A contract in writing protects you and your make up artist. Insist on having one. Know what’s included in the services as well. Ask about cancellations policies as well as contingencies should unforeseen events occur.

Question #13: How many artist will there be helping on the wedding day?

Most makeup artists are one-man armies. But you may encounter those who offer their services as a team. Know whom to expect on your wedding day. Ask about their tasks as well.

Question #14: How long will it take to do my makeup (and whoever else needs to get their makeup done)?

Wedding makeup artists may take a little time. Works of beauty can’t be rushed after all. Be that as it may, wedding events are under time constraints. You don’t want your makeup artist cutting corners. And you definitely don’t want anyone missing out on hair and makeup! Be clear as to how long the wedding makeup artist has to work her magic.

Question #15: What will happen if you are unable to do my makeup on my wedding day?

Plan B’s are prudent. If you planned for an outdoor wedding, you definitely have a plan B in the burner should it rain. Just the same, prepare for the unexpected. You can’t afford to be on the losing end because your choice makeup artist has a personal emergency. Know your contingencies and options.

Tips on Finding Your Perfect Wedding Makeup Look

Now comes the exciting part… deciding on the perfect makeup look for your big day…

Tip #1: Determine your overall wedding aesthetic 

Decide on a look you love. A minimalist look requires a no-fuss hairdo with natural makeup. A romantic style allows you to go all out. Quirky and unconventional? Go for that color you’ve always wanted. The goal is to stick to a consistent visual that blends well with your motif.

Tip #2: Create a Pinterest board of all your favorite looks that fit your style best

Check out real wedding pictures! Photos give you the best insight as to what looks best behind the camera. Seeing all these wedding pegs side by side makes it easier to compare styles.

Tip #3: Ask your makeup artist which makeup style he/she thinks would fit your wedding aesthetic best

The best teacher for wedding makeup artists is experience. If your chosen make up artist is a pro, then he/she would know which look suits your features best. Don’t be afraid to ask. In the same light, don’t be afraid to experiment either.

Tip #4: Remember that the camera has the tendency to wash out makeup, so don’t be afraid to be more dramatic with your makeup than you normally would.

Fear not! Dramatic makeup won’t turn you into a drag queen! The camera has a tendency to wash out makeup. Camera lights, more so. A skilled makeup artist would know just how much makeup (and which type) to apply to achieve that flawless look on and off cam.

Tip #5: Do the look that you feel the most C O N F I D E N T in!

At the end of the day, you want to feel your most beautiful. When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. And when you look beautiful, your confidence shows. Go for the look that feels “just right”. You want to be your best version – not someone else’s. And you certainly don’t want your husband to marry a celebrity look alike!


Don’t stress your make up. With these tips on hand, finding the right look could actually be one of the more exciting tasks you’d be doing for the wedding. Our take? You are beautiful no matter what. But in the hands of a skilled wedding makeup artist, you become the best version of yourself.



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