21 Products That'll Help Your Small Bathroom Organization

21 Products That'll Help Your Small Bathroom Organization

If you have a similar predicament as many of us, you could almost reach out to touch both your bathroom walls if you extend your hands. Moreover, this small bathroom space can be a huge problem if you love to try new and exciting skincare and makeup products and don’t know how to store them. Small spaces are difficult to work with because there is hardly any place to keep all your favorite items without cluttering your bathroom. Don’t even get us started on how a little avalanche can hit the bathroom if you dare to move around carelessly!

However, the good news is that small bathroom organization is now a manageable task. There are a ton of products and fascinating DIYs that you can do to utilize every inch of your bathroom without overcrowding it. Here is a comprehensive guide to some of the best small bathroom organization products.

GENIUS Small Bathroom Organization Products

To relieve you of your troubles, we did some research and have compiled a list of some of the best small bathroom organization products amongst many others. Here are our top picks:

Mobile Bar Cart

bar cart for bathroom | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $69.99

Tired with all the clutter on your sink? It is time to invest in an attractive mobile bar cart. Surprisingly, this sturdy and durable bar cart has several compartments. You can even organize your skincare and makeup items in separate drawers. This trolley is easy to move around and the dimensions are ideal for a small bathroom.

Mount Magnetic Organizers

magnetic holders for bathroom | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $9.99/pkg

If your lipsticks are rolling around and you never find your liner in time, we suggest you try these mount magnetic organizers. They come with magnets that help them in getting tightly attached to any metal surface. You can either use them in full view or stick them inside your medicine cabinets. You can keep small items like lipsticks, liner, tweezers, nail clippers, etc., in them securely. They are best for small bathroom organization specifically if you have lesser space.

Stick on a Spray Bottle Hanger

stick on hook for bottles | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $4.99

If you are a clean freak like Monica Geller from Friends and have a multitude of cleaning and other chemical spray bottles, you will definitely need this stick on the hook for bottles. With these adhesive hooks, you won’t have the issue of having your cleaning sprays lying around on the washroom floor or taking up extra space in your cabinets. Not to mention, they will stick to various surfaces like tiles, painted walls and wood without harming them.

Storage Ladder

ladder for bathroom | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $73.99

If you are a fan of rustic home décor items, you need to have this incredible storage ladder in your small bathroom organization products list. Snag this one for $74! Throw this ladder wherever you may need it in your bathroom! 

Rotating Makeup Organizer

beauty rotating organizer | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $59

Have you ever felt extreme frustration finding the right makeup products in the early morning hours? With this rotating makeup organizer, most of your troubles are now over. It has five cubbies on top and eight compartments on the sides, which can adjust your various makeup essentials tidily. You can quickly spin it around and spot the item you need.

Bathroom Tray

bathroom tray | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $7

The best tip for small bathroom organization is that go for clean and decent looking bathroom trays that will match your overall color scheme. This amenity tray is the perfect presentable solution for all your needs whether you need to stack cleansers, toothbrushes, shower gels or containers on them. You can also save your counter from getting stains from skincare products or other items.

Cleaning Supplies Lazy Susan

lazy susan for bathroom | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $8.99

Organize your products in the tiny bathroom spaces comfortably without the fear of items toppling over. If even a little spin on your part is making bottles falling all over the place, this cleaning supplies lazy Susan is specifically designed for your needs. With a rimmed edge and non-skid surface, your stuff will stay in place even whilst rotating. You can spin it around to easily access any item without it getting stuck.

Towel Basket

towel basket | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $22.99

If you like neutral shades and adore non-smelly and non-toxic storage products that are also kid-friendly, you need to have this towel basket in your bathroom. With a modern and classy look, this basket will hold its place and you can store many items without them falling on the floor. It is made with an unbleached cotton rope so it will protect your clothes or towels from getting snagged or damaged.

Hair Tool Basket

hair tool organizer | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $12.99

Keep all your hair accessories in a single hair tool basket for easy access. For small bathroom organization, this basket will help you in keeping all your hair styling items safely in one place without taking up space on the counter. It will give your bathroom an organized and neat look. The hooks on this basket will help you in wrapping the cords properly without any tangles.

Wooden Floor Cabinets

wooden floor cabinets | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $75.98

For lean spaces, get something that is smart and has huge storage options. With various deep drawers and cabinets, this floor cabinet will help you in placing different items without any hassles. You can easily store it next to your toilet or sink due to how little space it takes up!

Hanging Baskets

seagrass baskets for bathroom | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $44.95

For creative storage options, try hanging baskets! Shelves on their own can put a limit to the number of items that you can keep on them. However, if you cleverly add some sea grass baskets to the mix, you can get yourself innovative multiple storage options in a jiffy. Hang these baskets on your bathroom walls. Not only will they look adorable, they'll also be able to have tons of storage! 

Magnetic Strip

magnetic strip for bathroom | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $16.99

Get hold of your bobby pins, tweezers, and whatever else in a matter of minutes with this durable magnetic strip! With an incredibly strong magnetic strip, you can be well assured that all your metallic objects that you couldn’t get your hands on will now be right in front of you. You can save yourself from the excessive clutter and can instantly approach your stuff, which is ideal for small bathroom organization.

Over-the-Toilet Shelves

over the toilet shelf | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $65.98

A stylish and well-made over-the-toilet shelf can really solve your extra storage problems. Not only will it allow ample room for movement, but you are also using your space intelligently with these shelves. They are quite easy to assemble and you can also get rid of them when needed.

Hair Station

hair station | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $39.99

Are you a lover ofmulti-purpose storage items? Then you need this safe hair station in your bathroom. Not only can you put your hair styling appliances in it, but it also provides you with extra cubbies to keep your toiletries. This bathroom sink organizer is your solution to having clean and clutter-free countertops.

Functional Décor

cute storage for bathroom | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $42

Put your artistic flair into functional décor for your limited bathroom space. Move away from conventional plain shelves and instead go with this geometric pattern shelving option.With this open storage shelf, you can put in different things ranging from towels to decoration pieces and functional beauty and skincare products.

Drawer Dividers

bamboo dividers | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $4-10

If you are particular about putting all your items into neat rows yet it’s messy sooner or later, we have the perfect solution. Drawer dividers are perfect for different odds and ends as well as bigger items. No more will you be hysterically searching for your favorite lashes or lipsticks in panic amongst unorganized clutter.

Mason Jar Unit

mason jar shelf | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $ 29.99+

A Mason jar unit is ideal for any bathroom! Get creative with this adorable mason jar shelf! Store bobby pins, q-tips, toothbrushes, makeup brushes, and more in this mason jar shelf! 

Plastic Medicine Cabinet Organizers

medicine cabinet organizer | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $14.29

Keeping your medications and other smaller items together becomes easier with this plastic medicine cabinet organizer. You can fit it into your medicine cabinet without any difficulties.

Tired of old containers? Try these gorgeous cosmetic containers made from everyday items.

Towel Holder

towel holder | Small Bathroom Organization Products

Price: $14.99

Get a load of this cool tower holder! Your towels won't get in the way with this neat product! The arms on this towel holder extend so you can put your larger towels on it and push them against the wall when you don't need them anymore! How sexy is that?? 


It is time to put these interesting tips and hacks to test to get the most out of your bathroom. Small bathroom organization is tricky but you can always do amazing DIYs and buy useful products to get the most out of the small space. 

What other tips and tricks or DIY hacks do you use to expand your storage options? Share with us in the comments below!

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