Skin Care Tips: The Dos and Don'ts for A Healthy Routine | Penny & Pine

Skin Care Tips: The Dos and Don'ts for A Healthy Routine | Penny & Pine

So you want better skin, eh? Whether you’re in your early 20s or your late 50s, we all seem to have experienced a point in our lives where our skin no longer has that smooth, flawless appearance anymore. If you do, consider yourself one of the few lucky ones!

So how do you achieve that flawless, movie star skin? It all starts with SKINCARE! Sure, you can throw on some foundation, concealer, contour and highlight to mask these imperfections, yet, at the end of the day, makeup is really just a temporary bandaid and doesn’t treat the source of the problem. Therefore…. skincare it is!

There are so many common skincare mistakes we make that just push us further and further away from achieving our best skin. From using the wrong products to not knowing our skin type, here are a few skin care tips to consider when starting your skincare journey.

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Skin Care Tips: The Do's

DO: Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Healthy

Having a balanced diet and staying well hydrated does more than just keep us slim. It aids in keeping our skin looking fresh and youthful. Drinking water helps flush out toxins from our bodies and that includes any bacteria that is clinging to our skin. Think of it this way, anything you put in your body that doesn’t get flushed out through hydration, instead comes out through our pores and… you guessed it, shows up on our faces! Eat your veggies and cut out the soda like your mama told you!


DO: Know the Skin You're In

Doing your research & pinpointing the type of skin you have is vital in knowing how to treat it effectively. Are you dry? Oily? Combination? Do you suffer from acne? Fine lines? Wrinkles? Knowing what specific treatments your skin needs will get you one step closer to feeling more confident in your own skin. 

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DO: Moisturize! 

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your skin moisturized! One huge misconception for those who have oily skin is that they don’t need to moisturize or that they shouldn’t since they are already so oily. Oh no, girlfriend! Oily skin is the driest skin, for your body is over producing oil in order to hydrate the skin so do it a favor and start moisturizing day and night! See ya later, alligator skin! 

DO: Be Gentle 

You may think the harder you scrub or wash your face, the more dramatic your results will be in revealing better skin, but no! Whether you truly have sensitive skin or not, you always want to be gentle with your routine of washing & applying your skincare products. Pulling and dragging the skin too hard can just aid in creating more wrinkles and fine lines so treat it with a gentle hand.
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Skin Care Tips: The Don'ts

DON'T: Overuse Products/Ingredients

This goes back to the “less is more” theory. Using more of a certain treatment such as a face mask or a particular ingredient found in multiple skincare products, doesn’t mean it will treat the symptom faster. It can actually often times have the opposite effect and in turn can make you react or become sensitive to where you will have something else to treat. Only use the correct amount of product/ingredient on your skin! 

DON'T: Skip Important Steps

Having a skincare routine means having specific products to use in particular order. By skipping even one of the steps, you’re not going to get the same successful outcome. Think of it as baking a cake. If you leave out one of the ingredients, it’s not going to taste the same, right? Be consistent with your routine and don’t take shortcuts!


DON'T: Give Up

So many people often expect to see results right away and when they don’t, they toss their skincare aside and come to the conclusion that the products didn’t work for them. In order to really determine whether or not a skincare routine works for you, you have to give it a real trial of at least 6 to 8 weeks. This is how long our skin can take to purge out all of the bacteria and start soaking up the treatments to then show signs of change. Don’t give up!

DON'T: Use the Wrong Ingredients 

This point goes back to making sure you do your research on what ingredients have the best effect on your skin. With the amount of products that are out on the market these days, it can be hard to determine what products pack the most punch or will offer the most bang for your buck. Some products can be packed with so much junk and fillers that the percentage of actual beneficial ingredients in them can be little to none. Take the time to research ingredients and then locate what skincare lines offer the majority of those in their products! Remember, a higher price tag does not always equal better quality.

DON'T: Touch Your Face

We all do it! You know you do, too. We mindlessly touch our face, whether to rest our chin on our hands while reading a book, or to pick at that pesky blemish that’s been on our forehead for a week now. Every time you touch your skin, you are exposing it to more and more bacteria. Hands off!
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Finding The Right Skin Care Tips to Work For You

More than likely, you’ve probably been bombarded with a plethora of skin care advice throughout your years. It's important to remember that everyone has very different skin, different concerns, and that their journey might not necessarily be right for you.

It’s important that you nail down your skin type, your own skin concerns and from there, plan out a consistent skincare routine that is customized to YOU.

We want to know: What's one piece of skincare advice you've been given? Leave a comment below to share your story!


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