Top Tips for Glowing Skin from Skin Experts

Top Tips for Glowing Skin from Skin Experts

The holy grail when it comes to skin care is “glowing skin." But what exactly is glowing skin? To be precise, glowing skin is said to be the golden standard of the perfect complexion. It’s the term we use to describe dewy, unblemished, smooth, and healthy skin.

Our Top Tips for Glowing Skin

The beauty business has grown to be a billion-dollar industry on that promise of glowing skin alone. There are so many different opinions when it comes to achieving that youthful glow.

Our honest take?

Some tips work better than others. Some tips don’t. Most of the tips and opinions we’ve heard or read about don’t work at all. After some serious searching, we’ve come up with the following tips for glowing skin.

Tip #1: Cleanse your skin at least 3 times daily

You know how crucial it is that you don’t go to bed with your make up on. But what you probably didn’t know is that a complete skin care regimen requires that you cleanse your face three times a day. And no, three times isn’t too much.

Here’s why.

Each night you cleanse, you should actually do so twice. The first cleanse is to remove surface dirt and oil. The second cleanse is to clean the skin and unblock pore debris. Depending on your routine, you should thus cleanse, twice at night and once in the morning when you get out of bed. If you are active in sports or work in an environment where you are constantly exposed to dust, dirt, and pollution, you have to cleanse more often.

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Should I really cleanse in the morning?

Yes. It’s good practice. Your sleeping area isn’t germ-free nor completely dirt free. And for as long as you use an appropriate cleanser for your skin type, you needn’t worry about drying your skin out.

Cleansing at night is a no-brainer tip for glowing skin. Getting the makeup, dirt, and debris completely off of your skin is a condition sine qua non for blemish-free and youthful-looking skin.

Tip #2: Exfoliate at least twice a week

Your body has a natural process of shedding old, dry, hardened skin cells to enable new cells to rise to the surface. In some skin types, this process of shedding can slow down. In oily skin types, for instance, sebum or the oil can act like glue. It holds dead skin cells to the surface. The result is clogged follicles that lead to build-up, bacteria, and dreadful acne.

To give your skin a leg up, exfoliation should become part of your weekly skincare routine. In addition to improving skin tone, you make your skin receptive to products that keep it soft, supple, and youthful looking.

To exfoliate you may choose among exfoliating beads, an exfoliating toner, or an exfoliating face brush. We swear by Penny and Pine’s Exfoliating Toner.

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Tip #3: Use sulfur for bad breakouts

When we think of sulfur or sulphur, we think of that all too familiar stench. But sulfur has been used for years (centuries even!) to treat acne. It is still used to this day to fight acne-causing bacteria. Sulfur works by drying out the skin. Acne is caused by the too much oil in the sebaceous glands. Sulfur’s ability to decrease sebum helps immensely in fighting breakouts.

Sulfur is also a keratolytic. This means that when sulfur is applied to the skin, it causes the top layer of the epidermis to dry and peel off. This helps get rid of dead skin cells, keeping your pores free from debris and thus allowing a fresh new layer of skin to grow.

A great product to try is Penny & Pine’s 20-Minute Rescue Mask. This mask draws out impurities and excess oil, unclogs your pores, repairs the natural skin barrier and helps in reducing blemishes. The best part is it only takes 20 minutes to see a difference.

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Tip #4: Start a set skincare routine and follow it like clockwork for at least a month

Like any diet, skincare routines are effective only when followed regularly and consistently. It takes a reasonable amount of time to see results. If a product promises unbelievably quick results without much effort on your part, it's likely too good to be true.

Tip #5: Use facial oils at least 2 times a week

Our favorite tip to achieving glowing skin? Facials oil!

Facial oils can get intimidating. They feel like stuff reserved for fancy spas and expensive facial treatments. But the secret that most celebrities and makeup artists won’t tell you is that facial oils are essential for glowing skin. They help maintain and strengthen the moisture barrier. It locks in hydration leaving your skin not just hydrated but resilient, as well. When this moisture barrier is preserved, the skin is better at replenishing nutrients and keeping infection at bay.

Our tip for glowing skin? To best benefit from facials oil, try mixing a few drops of facial oil with your moisturizer. Trust us, this won’t clog your pores. And no, it won’t feel like Crisco on your face.

Another option is to apply a few drops of facial oil directly on your face. Massage using your fingertips in gentle, circular motions.

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Find one that suits your skin type. Apply more often in the winter and less in the summer.

Tip #6: Drink lots of water

Our bodies use water for cells, organs, and tissues to function and regulate temperature. We lose water simply by sweating, digesting, breathing. To achieve glowing skin and to maintain bodily functions, we have to rehydrate by drinking fluids.

In general, you should aim to drink between ½ oz to 1 oz of water for every pound. Say, you weigh 150 lbs. You will need to take in 75 to 150 ounces of water a day. Need to keep track of how much you should drink? Try the Hidrate Spark Water Bottle. It tracks water intake and even glows to remind you to stay hydrated. Syncs with smartphones, too! Too cool!

Tip #7: Use anti-aging products early

You’re never too young to start an anti-aging regimen. The best age to start? Your mid-20s The first signs of sun damage and wrinkles begin to surface at the age of 25. Starting an appropriate skin care routine early on reinforces good habits and helps your skin maintain its supple properties.

Tip #8: Use sunscreen everyday

We all know that sunscreen is a must when you spend time under the sun. But just how important is it? For one, signs of aging are really just years of sun damage. 90% of visible aging doesn’t come from the number of candles you blow every year. It comes from hours spent under the sun.

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Sunscreen protects every skin type. Whether you have more melanin in your skin (which naturally protects against sunburns), you still need a protective layer from harmful ultraviolet rays. Further, many people think that sun protection isn’t necessary on overcast days or when your routine consists of limited exposure to the sun. Fact is, the sun is strong even when it isn’t sunny. UV light penetrates clouds with ease.

So slap on sunscreen or go for moisturizers with SPF. Caring for your skin now will spare your skin from harmful effects tomorrow.

Tip #9: Use hydrating / cleansing masks at least 2 times a week.

Face masks make the perfect skin care treatment. Why? Its quick, easy to use, and effects are seen and felt right away. The proper facial mask for your skin type can cleanse, hydrate, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. They also do a great job at taking out impurities.

Hydrating and cleansing masks can come in paper, gel, or clay form. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are using the proper mask for your skin type. At a loss? Take out the guesswork with Penny and Pine’s Overnight Plant Cell Mask. This fragrance-free mask is designed for all skin types. It's an innovative mask that utilizes stem cell technology to prevent aging, delivery antioxidants, and nourish skin. It’s light, breathable, non-sticky and rub-resistant. Rinses off with a light wash.

penny and pine face masks | top tips for glowing skin

Acne prone skin? Try Penny and Pine’s 20-Minute Rescue Mask.

Tip #10: Know your skin type before making a skincare routine to follow

This may sound pretty obvious but most people make the huge mistake of not finding out their skin types before commencing a skincare routine.

It's fairly easy to give in to the flashiest brand or the one that has gone on sale for the holidays. The risk isn’t worth it! For instance, if your skin is more sensitive than oily, products made for oily skin will serve to exacerbate any inflammation or redness. An effective product will cease to be if used incorrectly.

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Tip #11: Use serums

Serums are lightweight moisturizers. They penetrate deep into the skin to get active hydrating ingredients into the deeper layers. With regular use, serums can give your skin a smoother and firmer texture. Over time it also makes your pores appear smaller. Supple and well-hydrated skin wards off bacteria and dirt from clogging your pores.

Tip #12: Use a moisturizing cream twice a day

Moisturizing your face day and night boosts hydration in your skin. It prevents dullness and flaking and creates a protective layer of moisture. Best of all, a good moisturizing cream help anti-aging ingredients work better.

An ingredient to look for is hyaluronic acid or sodium hyaluronate. These ingredients have been proven to hydrate the skin effectively by surrounding the skin’s elastin with water. Penny and Pine’s Moisture Boost Cream does exactly that. It provides your skin with a multi-layer moisture, making it look plump. It’s lightweight, absorbs quickly, and helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines.

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How to get glowing skin?

The road to dewy-looking skin requires meticulous care, attention, and a healthy lifestyle. It requires consistency and the right products with the proper ingredients. Treat your body right, and it will reward you with health and beauty!

Got some interesting tips for glowing skin to share? We’d love to hear from you.

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