Wedding Skin Prep: How to Get Photo-Ready Skin

Wedding Skin Prep: How to Get Photo-Ready Skin

It's no secret -- you are front and center on your wedding day and feeling like you look your best will help you glow from the inside out for those camera-ready moments.

So what's the trick? Having photo-ready skin that will give you that bridal glow. You know -- that ever-so coveted "glow" that you hear every bride talk about. Trust us, it's a real thing and we know how to get it.

So if you're ready to truly glow, consider the following wedding skin prep tips to master your skincare and makeup routines and leave your skin photo-ready for the big day.

Wedding Skin Prep: How to Get Photo Ready Skin

9 Pre-Wedding Skin Prep Tips

1. Drink water, and lots of it! I know, I know -- this is such a basic one, but it keeps you and your skin hydrated and is a great replacement for sugary drinks that can lead to breakouts. It's also SO basic that a lot of brides take it for granted! Remember to drink lots of water the days leading up and on the day-of, be sure to alternate that morning mimosa or evening cocktail with a glass of water.

2. Get plenty of sleep. This will reduce those pesky eye bags and give your skin a chance to rest and heal. You know your body best and how much sleep is ideal, but 6-8 hours is what we'd recommend.

3. Start trying new products early. In order to get the photo-ready skin you crave in time for your big event, make sure you have the right tools in your skincare routine. It’s important you find the right mix of tools and products for your skin type, so you may want to give yourself a few extra months before your big event to experiment and find the products that help your skin look its best.

If you’re totally unsure where to start, consider these essential products:

  • Anti-blemish or corrective cream: These products are usually drying agents and can be applied to breakouts to reduce redness and swelling. Try to avoid cream products with alcohols in them, because this can dry your skin out too much. When skin gets too dry, the glands try to overcompensate and you actually might end up with more greasy breakouts than you had to begin with. (Not great for a girl prepping for a photoshoot.) That being said, the right corrective cream can zap a zit overnight almost like magic, and they are totally worth investing in. 
  • Hydrating lotions and masks: Hydration is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Like I said before, drinking water is a great start, but the right lotion can make your skin bright and glowing for the camera. If you have naturally drier skin, or live in a low-humidity state, you may also want to consider a hydrating mask. The best news? You can wear most to bed! Low-maintenance, yay!
  • Rejuvenating cream: That’s right, anti-aging products are for everyone. I’ll say it once more for the people in the back: Anti-aging products are for everyone! Think of these products as preventative and well - rejuvenating. Anti-aging creams usually have essential oils and vitamins to help your skin feel elastic, so no matter your age, working them into your routine will help your skin feel young and fresh no matter how pressure-filled your big day. 

4. Create a routine and stick with it. It can be draining putting on 19 different products before bedtime, so find out which are most effective (think moisturizing serums and facial wash), which products just need to be rotated in once or twice a week (think: face masks), and which are needs-based (think: drying lotion). 

Also, a fun tip for application: Apply the products from thinnest to thickest consistency. For example, first you’d apply your cleansing water, then a moisturizing serum, followed by an anti-aging lotion, and finally a moisturizing mask for the night. This way, your skin will get the chance to absorb all the products to the fullest. 

5. Eat cleaner. If you can, try your absolute best to stay away from refined sugar, sodium, processed foods, and...dun dun dun...dairy. You won't believe the difference in your skin once you start eating a cleaner, healthier diet.

6. Cut back on the alcohol. This can be especially hard with all of the wedding celebrations bound to occur before the big day, but alcohol results in dry, puffy skin. Yikes. Enjoy a glass of champagne here and there, but try to keep it minimal.

7. Use a transformative face serum the week of your wedding. While this should be incorporated into your weekly routine, be sure to use a natural face oil a few nights before the wedding. It will help to balance out your skin's moisture levels and leave you with clearer looking skin. We personally would HIGHLY recommend Transformation Oil.

8. Be picky about your foundation. Airbrush is the current fan-favorite amongst brides and for good reason! It gives you a dewy, even skin-tone that looks damn near flawless and lasts all day long! If you aren't going the airbrush route, ask your makeup artist for a long-lasting, oil-free formula with a satin, luminous or radiant finish. Avoid semi-matte or matte-finishes, which don't photograph as well.

9. Relax and de-stress. Nothing can wear on your skin more than stress, so try your best to unwind and relax before the big day. Need some self-care ideas for your mind, body, and soul? We've got a few self-care suggestions you might want to try.

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Author: Olivia Koivisto

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  • Kathleen

    Thanks for posting this. It’s helpful to know that its important to keep up a routine prior to the wedding day. I don’t know much about skin care, but I certainly want to look my best on the big day!

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